Unfortunately, we cannot avoid the so-called "small print" either. After all, we deal with demanding and sensitive works of art.

Therefore, we would like to point out the following in advance: The Volva pictures are always dependent on environmental influences; their appearance and colors can change and fade. So that you can enjoy our works of art over the long term, you should not expose the Volva pictures and frames to direct sunlight, either in whole or in part, not hang directly over heaters and not expose them to humidity that exceeds the level of common living spaces. Therefore, the Volva pictures and their frames are not suitable for outdoor areas, basements, bathrooms, and kitchens. Acrylic glass and frame are very sensitive to scratches and stains and should be touched only with gloves or comparable protection.

The contractual partner and user of these terms and conditions is EYE TO EYE GmbH,

Rigiweg 9, CH-8810 Horgen


Our terms and conditions aim to regulate the business relationship between you and us in a binding and fair manner. Therefore, the basis of an order and a contract are always the following General Terms and Conditions of EYE TO EYE GmbH, which you acknowledge and confirm when you place an order with us. You can see the terms and conditions here.


For the business relationship between EYE TO EYE GmbH, 8810 Horgen, trading under the VOLVA brand, and the customer, the following General Terms and Conditions apply exclusively in the version valid the time of the order. VOLVA does not recognize the customer's deviating conditions unless VOLVA has expressly agreed to their validity in writing.

2. CONCLUSIONS OF CONTRACT conclusions of contract

The Volva website's products' presentation does not constitute a legally binding offer but a non-binding invitation to submit a request.

With the action "Send inquiry," you allow us to contact you by email or phone to prepare an individual offer. You will then receive a summarized order overview from us by email or letter. You can check all the information you provided during the ordering process and add it by email or letter. With confirmation by email or letter, you make a binding declaration to VOLVA that you want to purchase the products listed in the offer. We automatically accept your request by sending the order and contract confirmation by email or letter. The confirmation of the contract is acknowledged with a confirmation email or a confirmation letter.


The production of the Volva pictures takes about a month. Depending on the size, weight, and shipping carrier, the production and shipping times may vary. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery will be made from the warehouse to your address or to the delivery address you have specified.

Unless otherwise agreed, all Volva pictures will be packed by us and delivered to the address you have given. Optionally, we can take care of the disposal of the packaging. If you want to make use of the right of withdrawal, the packaging must be kept for the return.


All Volva images are limited to 24 prints per subject. According to the international standard, the authenticity certificate with all essential data such as format, date, name of the picture, and serial number guarantees its authenticity. For organizational reasons, VOLVA can send the edition certificate with the artist's signature and the edition details separately to the customer - even with a delay. In this case, the revocation period only begins after receipt of the edition certificate with signature.

5. PRICES, DUE DATE, AND PAYMENT, DEFAULTThe prices stated on the VOLVA website are final prices, including VAT. The shipping costs are not included in the order's price and are added to the final offer (§2). Payment is only possible via a separate invoice to our bank account. In the event that the purchaser's account does not have sufficient funds or the purchaser objects to the direct debit in an unjustified manner, VOLVA can demand a processing fee from the purchaser. If you are in default of payment, VOLVA is entitled to charge default interest of 5%. In addition, VOLVA can demand a flat rate per reminder with the exception of the first reminder. If VOLVA has verifiably incurred higher default damage, VOLVA is entitled to assert this.


The delivered goods remain the property of VOLVA until they have been paid in full.


VOLVA is only liable for intent and gross negligence as well as for any personal injury within the framework of the statutory provisions. Liability for auxiliary persons is expressly excluded to the extent permitted by law.


The statutory warranty rights apply unless otherwise expressly agreed. Your claims for defects require that you have complied with your statutory inspection and notification obligations. If a defect becomes apparent during the examination or later, we must be notified of this immediately in writing. The notification is deemed immediate if made within 30 days, with timely sending of the notice being sufficient to meet the deadline. Irrespective of this obligation to examine and notify you, you must report obvious defects (including incorrect and short deliveries) in writing within 30 days of delivery, whereby the timely dispatch of the notification is sufficient to meet the deadline. If you fail to examine and/or report defects properly, our liability for the defect that has not been reported is excluded.


With the purchase of a VOLVA picture, you only acquire real ownership of the print. No other rights of use are granted. Any reproduction (duplication), distribution, rental, making available to the public, or other analog or digital exploitation are not permitted unless this is legally permitted. However, you can resell the print.


The provisions of the Swiss Code of Obligations apply. Horgen is the exclusive place of jurisdiction for all disputes arising from a contract with VOLVA from EYE TO EYE GmbH, 8810 Horgen. We reserve the right to change these general terms and conditions at any time.

As of March 21, 2021